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Volterra integral equations matlab

How can I solve a Volterra (Fredholm?) integral equation in Matlab. In my case g is an ugly integral also between a and x, also a=0 (for both g and the integral above). K is equal to 1. I found some information about Fredholm equations, but they are not exactly the same (fixed intervals, they don't have x . \begin{equation} \int_{0}^{1} \frac{e^{-xy}}{\log(x)}dx-y^2=0 \end{equation} How I can write the code to solve it using Matlab. This is an example and may not have any solution. Mar 05,  · To solve the Volterra Integral Equation with DIFFERENCE KERNEL numerically using Trapezoidal Rule of Integration. You can also compare the numerical and exact solutions. Exact solution is obtained using "isolve" function written by the same www.casa-alemana.coms: 3.

Volterra integral equations matlab


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