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View images in emacs

‘image-mode’ is a standard library since Emacs 22, enabling (GUI) Emacs frames to render the image in the buffer, when visiting an image file. The user can toggle between the rendered view and the textual content of the image file. I have the path to a pdf file or a png file (whichever is easiest to show, but bonus points for showing both). How do I show the image in a new buffer? (It makes no sense to show it inline since i. I have tried M-x org-toggle-limage-in-org, org-display-inline-images,iimage-mode. However, all these cannot display my images. See attached screen shot. I have added the (autoload 'iimage-mode "iimage" "Support Inline image minor mode." t) (autoload 'turn-on-iimage-mode "iimage" "Turn on Inline image minor mode." t) in my www.casa-alemana.com

View images in emacs


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