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Ukemi the art of falling adobe

Aikido from the Inside Out Ukemi The art of falling Ukemi is an active endeavor Lower yourself intentionally Breathe during ukemi A common misconception among beginners is that ukemi, or the art of falling, is thought of as the passive, difficult, or the less desirable aspect. Jun 03,  · Ukemi is that art of receiving technique! This is a far better way to describe it, especially to beginners, as it is the correct way. Having struggled with it at the beginning I have studied ukemi on and off the mat with many different people with the intention of understanding and growing in Aikido. Ukemi (the art of falling) is a practice that increases the safety and freedom of any movement practice massively and Amos is someone anyone interested in this area should be learning from.” Tom Weksler, founder of Movement Archery (choreographer, dancer, teacher).

Ukemi the art of falling adobe


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