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The organ trail game

This game was made in , and I'm very surprised how popular and how much the game has grown. I love this game so much and its very historically accurate. The Oregon Trail is a very fun game and it works fine. "Its quality is terrible!" Not all games that are great have good quality. Stop expecting every game in to be amazing that are. Welcome to Travel Oregon: The Game! Explore all 7 regions of Oregon through a tribute to the classic game, The Oregon Trail ®. Play the different activities and keep your inventory stocked to keep morale up. If it gets too low, you’ll be writing lots of tombstones. Keep trying until you win! Organ Trail is a retro zombie survival game. Travel westward in a station wagon with 4 of your friends, scavenging for supplies and fending off the undead. Members of your party might die of Subcategory: Simulation.

The organ trail game


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