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The ark halo 4 map s

Apr 01,  · Remember the map High Noon in Halo: Reach? That's a portal just like the one on Earth. My theory is that it's another one leading to the Ark, possibly a spare one. The atmosphere of the map sort of reminds me of what we've seen on Sanghelios. This could be the one Chief would use to get to Ark if the one near Voice was inaccessible to him. Real men don't read maps. Kill sleeping Grunts and go downstairs. In the room under the stairs, there is a terminal. In the next room, near the stairs the next skull awaits. Cowbell Skull. To reach it you need to use Grav Lift - put it somewhere in the middle of the "stairway" then jump from the top facing the platforms on the left. Ark is a name given to two massive Forerunner installations, both designed with the primary purpose of manufacturing Halo rings. Situated outside the Milky Way galaxy, they also served as Lifeworker research facilities, as well as conservational preserves for the numerous species of the galaxy, indexed by the Forerunners during the Conservation Measure.

The ark halo 4 map s


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