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Tekpub c design strategies firefox

5 days ago · Dave Camp has been appointed SVP Firefox. In this new role, Dave will be responsible for overall Firefox product and web platform development. As a long time Mozillian, Dave joined Mozilla in to work on Gecko, building networking and security features and was a contributor to the release of Firefox 3. In this episode Jon shows the simplicity and power of the Strategy Pattern, creating his own comparison strategy for a list of people and their birthdays. 11 - Composition with the Decorator Jon likes composition vs. inheritance - and one pattern that really helps with this is the Decorator pattern, which allows you to add behavior (or. Jun 15,  · In this advanced series, Jon Skeet dives into various strategies and patterns you might want to consider when building your application. Topics covered include core Gang of Four design patterns such as the Singleton, Strategy, State and others as well as good habits such as using interfaces, Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control.

Tekpub c design strategies firefox


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