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Shift origin in solidworks

Jul 29,  · Find the first part placed in the assembly, right click on it and change it from fixed to float. Make the adjustment needed then make it fixed again. Please note, some of the mates may break. Sep 10,  · Setting the Origin in Solidworks: Correct a mistake on the CSWP. Next you need the Center of Mass. Click the Mass Properties button or (Tools>Mass Properties). At the top of the window there is a drop down box for “Output Coordinate System”. Click it and select your new coordinate system and watch the results change. Jul 15,  · Re: how to move origin point. I think you are confusing part origin with the sketch origin - you can pretty much ignore the sketch origin. When you make a part out on the shop floor the most robust technique is all dimensions from a single datum origin. That is the way you should model in SolidWorks.

Shift origin in solidworks


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