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Sephiroth vs genesis status

The 2nd form of Sephiroth (the one where you split your teams up), Seph has a spell that augments all status effects like blind, silent, frog, curse, slow etc.. He did posses Cloud at the end of. FF7 Spoilers Is it ever explained why Sephiroth messes with Cloud? (www.casa-alemana.comantasy) (who was almost as strong as sepiroth at the time after the BS with Angeal and genesis) - but not enough that cloud would have been able to overpower him without some kind of special factor working for cloud. Sephiroth uses Jenova freely, but he has. At first, Sephiroth had been generously offered the use of Genesis' own personal hair dryer, but eventually the other First got tired of sharing and had given the silver general one of his own. Sephiroth had been unable to figure out if Genesis had given him the gift out of genuine good-will or out of jest.

Sephiroth vs genesis status


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