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Robert rules of order audiobook

Originally written in by Major Henry M. Robert of the US Army Corps of Engineers, Robert's Rules of Order is the most widely used authority in the United States today for "parliamentary law, based upon the rules and practice of Congress" for "organizing and conducting the business of societies, conventions, and other deliberative assemblies. General Henry M. Robert Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised 11th Edition A New and Enlarged Edition by Sarah Corbin Robert, Henry M. Robert III, William J. Evans, Daniel H. Honemann, and Thomas J Balch with the assistance of Daniel E. Seabold and Shmuel Gerber. According to Robert's Rules of Order, you don't document ANY discussion. The only item that is documented is the MOTION that is made around the discussion. So, if an issue is discussed for discussion's sake, the minutes would only indicate, "the group discussed the advantages and disadvantages of various locations for the carnival" (for example).

Robert rules of order audiobook


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