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Raks al assaya music

Saidi Tahtib Stick - Assaya for Bellydance or Middle Eastern Dance-High-quality Tahtib stick (Assaya or Asayya) is perfect for Raks (Raqs) Al Assaya Egyptian Bellydance, Saidi, Tahtib. Made from solid bamboo. Imported from www.casa-alemana.com product is handm. Jan 02,  · Raks Saidi: Saidi Dance Raks Al Assaya: Stick Dance. Saidi Dance, also known as Raqs Assaya or cane dance, it is a folkloric dance. Saidi music is a variation on baladi that is specific to Upper Egypt, also known as The Said. This is the rural part of Egypt south of Cairo, located around Luxor, Assuit, Minya, and Aswan. Raqs al-assaya, which means "stick dance" in Arabic, is the name of a dance genre that incorporates a stick.. Both Egyptian dancers and Lebanese dancers can be seen performing raqs al-assaya.I have not researched stick dancing as performed by Lebanese dancers, so I cannot comment on how its origins, nuances of technique, and culture compare to Egyptian.

Raks al assaya music


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