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Platelets donation benefits of drinking

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT PLATELET DONATION PLATELET DONATIONS Meet Graham. Graham is a dedicated plasma and platelet donor. Working in medical research, he knows how important blood donation is and regularly rolls up his sleeves to help out. A platelet donation can provide a full dose of platelets for a patient, sometimes up to three patients. Many physicians and hospitals prefer it for patients requiring a platelet transfusion. A smaller needle is used for a platelet donation compared to a traditional whole blood donation so some donors find it to be more comfortable. Platelets are microscopic cell fragments found in your blood that help to form blood clots. If your platelets are too low, you may be at risk of bleeding and require a platelet transfusion. What Are the Dangers of Giving Blood Platelets? | www.casa-alemana.com

Platelets donation benefits of drinking


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