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Openvz swapoff not superuser

I just recently started running an OpenVz7 environment with several production CT's and VM's. I am trying to understand how is swap handled on OpenVz7 CT's, because I ran into some issues (fixed a swap not being used issue; but still having higher than normal iops at random times). Jul 04,  · Even if limiting memory usage by memory cgroup, swap space is shared, so resource isolation is not enough. If one group uses up most of the swap space, it can affect other groups anyway. $ swapon -v /swap/sw1 swapon on /swap/sw1 swapon: /swap/sw1: Operation not permitted I've also tried adding this to fstab and calling swapon -a -v, but go the same problem. Why am I not allowed to use this file as a swap file? One note, which I think is irrelevant but I could be wrong - I'm running on an OpenVZ .

Openvz swapoff not superuser


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