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M4a mime type iis 7

No Mime Types Option in IIS 7. Is the MIME type 'image/jpg' the same as 'image/jpeg'? Hot Network Questions Trumpet valves, lengths, and pitch Overhanging vertical bars in tabular Is it OK if I do not take the receipt in Germany? I preordered a game on my Xbox . I am serving a video via the HTML5 video element. I'm finding conflicting information about the appropriate MIME type for m4v video. Most demos set the type attribute to video/mp4 in the source tag in the markup. Some articles I've read indicate video/m4v for the web server Mimetype, while others indicate video/www.casa-alemana.com is correct? Sep 23,  · Some for video and audio streaming: M4V, M4A??? And some for file download: ZIP, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, etc. Where can I find the Mime Types defined in IIS ? And which Mime Types would you advice me to accept on my Storage System? Thank You, Miguel. .

M4a mime type iis 7


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