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Ipv6 address example pdf s

Here is an example of a valid IPv6 address: dbFCAB. Additionally, to shorten the IPv6 address and make the address easier to represent, IPv6 uses the following conventions: • Leading zeros in the address field are optional and can be compressed. Address Format The 32 bits of IPv4 addresses are represented via unsigned integers split into 4 octets, and sepa-rated by dots. Each octet can therefore represent a possible values. Here is an example: IPv6 addresses on the other hand, are . For example: For IPv6 addresses, defining a similar syntax is necessary, taking into account that IPv6 addresses are four times www.casa-alemana.com syntax standard-ized by RFC 3 recommends considering bits (16 octets) of the IPv6 address as eight unsigned integers on 16 bits and writing eac h num-.

Ipv6 address example pdf s


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