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Hein braat maha mrityunjaya mantra

Hein Braat, mantras that open doors At shanting (singing)mantra, all tones are being used to create an integral sound that connects everything with each other. And that makes it an holistic art, because the upper and lower self, body and soul, the temporal and the eternal connects. Hein Braat shants Mantra. An invocation to liberate the soul from ignorance and darkness and - like the sunlight - gain clarity in our insights. Insights to walk that path that will enlighten our hearts and lead us to an ever higher state of spirituality. This mantra is called the essence of the ancient holy ones. Hein Braat CD Gayatri Mantra / Mrityeonjaya Maha Mantra One of the most beautiful and well-known mantras is the Gayatri Mantra. An invocation to the soul of freeing ignorance and darkness and -as get the sunlight-clarity in our insights. Insights to go that path, that our hearts will be lit and we progressively higher state can attain spirituality.

Hein braat maha mrityunjaya mantra


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