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Best linux based nvr software

Aug 16,  · I am using IP camera's with NVR and 16 TB NVR internal SATA Storage. My issue is that i want software NVR for linux / Windows in which software can support external storage like NAS, SAN with upto 70 TB Storage. %uFEFFcan you advise the software name for linux / windows. can you please advise which is best for above requirement.4/5(1). Jan 07,  · Although $60 is pretty cheap for VMS, I've developed an expectation over time that software should be free. The nice thing about a PC-based DVR is it can do anything and be anything, unlike a off-the-shelf NVR/DVR. Surely there's open source software out there that can do the same thing as proprietary NVR hardware. Nope. I have been looking for many, many years. I gave up and ended up buying an enterprise VMS software package and it was worth every penny. Yes, it was for a business, but most small businesses would pass on spending that much money.

Best linux based nvr software


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